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March 13, 2013
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I tried my very best to concentrate on the lesson from Mrs. [Random name], but I failed miserably.

Again and again, the only thing I could think of was my best friend, Lili. Yes, I, [first name] [last name], fell head over heels for my adorable best friend.

Since I noticed it—it wasn't too long ago—all I could think of was her. Why does she just have to be so cute adorable?

It's not that I'm lesbian or something, but Lili was something else. An exception?

At the day when she moved here to [town/city/whatever name] from St. Gallen at least 80% of all the guys here at our school fell for her instantly. Because of that, a group of jealous girls started to bully her. One day I found her crying in the bathroom; that was also the beginning of our friendship.

That was one year ago. By now, all of the bullying had stopped, and Lili found some friends beside me. I, however, always was her special friend. Yeah, friend.

I don't remember when it started to bother me being called her “friend”. I don't remember when I started to think different about her, either; thoughts nobody should have about their best friend.

So I was in a real dilemma right now. On the one side, I didn't want to ruin our friendship, but on the other side, I'm sure I'll die if I'm not going to tell her.

I know she isn't going to return my feelings anyway; there's no way a innocent, adorable girl like her would love somebody like me. Especially because I'm a girl.

Because of that I wasn't sure what to do; but my great-grandfather, who always helped me with everything, until he died a few years ago, always said I should at least try, as long as there is a possibility.

So I straightened my back and tried to look more confident. In a few days is Valentine's day, that'd be the perfect chance, you won't get such a good opportunity again, [Name]!

Sadly, lost in my thoughts of Lili, I completely forgot the lesson. So I ended up in detention. Oh joy.

~Time skip by Lili's adorableness to the early morning of Valentine's day~

I looked at my finished piece of art proudly. It was a heart-shaped box wrapped in red paper, decorated with a pink ribbon. Inside it was full of hearts made from different kinds of chocolate.

I got up much earlier than usual to be able to do this. However, the time still seemed to be too short, so I quickly put the box in my bag, ate my breakfast, and hurried to school.

~Time skip by the chocolate of Valentine's day to school~

As I passed the front door, I was greeted by halls full of Valentine's day decoration.

As I made my way to the classroom, I tried my very best to ignore all the happy pairings everywhere; it just made me feel depressed.

I could only hope that Lili doesn't have a Valentine already, for example this weird albino guy with red eyes and white hair... I quickly shook my head. Stop thinking negative, [Name]!

When I opened the door, everything I saw, were... Pairings. Happy pairings being all lovey-dovey. How awesome, I thought sarcastically.

My eyes wandered to the table where Lili and I usually sat; luckily, she was there, sitting at her usual seat next to the window, looking outside and being obviously lost in thought.

I felt myself being a bit hurt when I started to think about whom she could think of, but I quickly dropped this thought and went to our table, sitting down.

Lili seemed to notice me now, she turned around an her face that was emotionless just a minute ago, wore now one of her beautiful smiles.

“Hello, [Name]! It's nice to see you, I didn't noticed you entered the class...”, she greeted me.

I laughed. “I noticed that. You seemed lost in thought, thinking about your crush?”, I teased her.

Lili blushed, but after a minute or so, she nodded slightly.

“Who is it?”, I wanted to know, grinning. However, at the inside I felt like dying. Lili already loved someone? I felt so stupid with my heart-shaped box full of chocolate now.

“I'm sorry, but I can't tell you, although you're my best friend. It's a secret, and if needed, I'll take it into my grave with me.”, she said, smiling a bit apologetically.

I tried to get it out of her, but she was way more stubborn than normal; whatever I tried, nothing worked. The only answer I got was a simple “No”.

~Time skip by Lili's OOC-ness~

School was over now and I didn't gave Lili the box of chocolates yet. Honestly, I kind of gave up, so I just went home with her like usual—her big brother didn't want her to go home alone—but as we passed a field of flowers, I stopped.

“Hey, Lili... Why don't you want to tell me who your crush is?”, I tried again. “”I mean, we're best friends and don't you think we should trust each other with things like that?”

Lili just stood there in silence,m not looking at me. Hopefully I didn't get her mad...

“You know, the reason I didn't want to tell you, is that's just... abnormal and stupid. I mean, what girl is in love with one of her friends?! And because of that, she isn't going to return my feelings anyway, so I just wanted to keep it a secret, and continue like always...”, she almost sounded desperate when she said that. I instantly felt bad for what I did.

I was just so selfish, that I didn't think about her feelings at all, but now... I wanted to know who the lucky girl was.

”Who is this girl? Elizaveta, Belle, or someone else I don't know?”, actually it was quite hard for me to speak now. “I'm really sorry that I pressed that out of you, really. But maybe you should tell her. You'll never know until you try.” I tried to give her an encouraging smile, but it probably just looked like a grimace.

“You'll never know until you try...”, Lili muttered quiet to herself.

And then something happened I never thought of my innocent, adorable friend, although she acted quite out-of-character today; she kissed me. Right on the lips.

At first I was too surprised to react, so she broke away and started to apologize for her behaviour, but I silenced her with a short, shy kiss by myself.

There was an rather awkward silence between us, until I spoke.

“So... The person, you were talking about... is me?”

Lili just nodded; the poor girl's face was bright red. “I-I just... I was just so sure... you won't return my feelings, s-so... I just decided to keep it for myself...”

“...For how long?”, I wanted to know. I still wasn't sure if this was the reality or just one of my happy daydreams.

“For about... I don't really know, a few months now?”

I laughed. I laughed and cried at the same time; I was so relieved, that the girl I loved felt exactly the same.

Lili just stood there, unsure what to do and looked at my a bit curious.

“I felt exactly the same, Lili! All the time, I wanted to tell you, but... I also thought you'd never return my feelings. However, since you're my... g-girlfriend now... Would you l-like to take this from m-me?”

Now I also blushed at looked just like one of Antonio's tomatoes. I quickly took the box out of my bag and shoved it into her hands.

Her smile seemed to be brighter than the sun by now; hand in hand we went home after a while of just enjoying each others' company.

~Time skip by the happiness of a new couple~

I laid lazily on my bed, just finished with my homework and planning to go to bed. However, the phone rang and I recognized the ring tone as Lili's, so I quickly dropped my plans and answered the phone.

Just as I wanted to ask why she called me so late in the evening, I heard Lili sob at the other and. I panicked and asked her: “What happened to you? Did your parents or your brother do something to you, or-” Her family didn't seem like people who would do something like this, but you never know.

“No... No, told them about us, and all... B-But they didn't have a problem with that, at all...”, Lili was really hard to understand, often interrupted by quiet sobs.

“What is it, then”, I asked, really worried now. What could've made Lili so sad other than that?

After a long silence where I just felt like dying; I was so unsure what to do, and if it wasn't that, what other bad thing could've happened to her?, she finally spoke. “I'm moving back to Switzerland...”

“...When?”, I was too shocked to say more than this one word; our relationship should end, just after this short, short time of happiness?

“Next week.”
Oh well, intelligent title, I know :P
It's just really late now and I can't think of something good right now ^^;
Because of that this decription is going to be short, Oma wants me to go to bed. So I hope you enjoyed this crappy excuse of a Yuri-story, good night. =w=
Hetalia (c) :iconyay-aph-plzes:
Liechtenstein (c) You
You (c) Me. :iconbelarusmarrymeplz:
This crappy excuse of a story (c) :iconsaelinlee:
EDIT: I just forgot to credit an awesome person without this story won't even exist here! Thanks to :iconsenpailovesyou: for being so kind to edit this fanfic! <3
EDIT²: After four days over 200 views and 20 favourites?! Oh guys... I love you! :iconletmehugyouplz:
EDIT³: Want to read something terrible? Here you can find the sequel: [link]
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